The only toxin you need in your life is neurotoxin


What’s tox got to do with it?

Botox, Dysport, Xeomin, and Jeuveau are medical-grade injectables that are incredible at treating those dreaded wrinkles and fine lines, including around your eyes (crow’s feet), on your forehead, frown lines, and excessive underarm sweating.

Neurotoxins are some of the most popular anti-aging treatments and for a good reason. Not only are they very effective at smoothing the skin, but they also have been deemed safe after years of medical use. Botox/Dysport/Jeuveau/Xeomin have popular off-label uses including treatment for hyperhidrosis (excessive sweating),  neck bands, chin dimples, TMJ pain and jawline slimming. Plus, Botox can also make you feel more relaxed by decreasing frowning, which causes tension. 

Once inserted, these injectables prevent commonly used face muscles from pulling at your skin. Don’t worry; you will still be able to make normal facial expressions!

What is the process for getting neurotoxins?

After evaluating your skin and discussing your goals, our experienced practitioner will insert multiple injections into the desired facial muscle. Our providers will tailor and adjust the number of units injected based on your features to give you the best, most natural looking results. There is no necessary preparation or downtime after the treatment.

You may feel slight discomfort as the needle enters the skin, but the treatment is not painful overall. We can’t wait to see your face!

How should I prepare for treatment?

  • It is ideal to schedule this procedure 2 weeks prior to a big event due to the potential for bruising. 
  • Avoid herbal supplements such as Ginkgo, green tea, garlic, turmeric, St. John’s wort, fish oil, flaxseed oil and vitamin A and E for 1 week prior to treatment, as they increase risk of bruising and swelling at the injection site.
  • If permitted by your doctor, avoid anti-inflammatories (Aspirin, Ibuprofen, Motrin, Advil, Naproxen, Celebrex) of any kind for 1 week before treatment to limit bruising.
  • Treatment is not recommended while taking an antibiotic. Please inform our office if you are on an antibiotic so we can reschedule.
  • Avoid alcohol for 48 hours prior to treatment (alcohol is a blood thinner).
  • You may take Arnica tablets 2-3 days prior to treatment to help boost the healing process.
  • Avoid applying potentially irritating products onto the skin for 2-3 days before and after treatment (tretinoin/retin-a, glycolic acid, benzoyl peroxide, hydroquinone).

What is my post-treatment care plan?

  • Mild redness and swelling are normal. Some bruising may also be visible. You may apply Arnica gel or take Arnica tablets to help decrease the amount of bruising.
  • Remain upright for the first 4 hours following Botox/Dysport/Xeomin.
  • Refrain from extended UV exposure and activities with extreme heat (i.e. straining, exercise, hot tubs or saunas) for 24 hours to reduce bruising.
  • Do not rub, touch, or manipulate Botox/Dysport/Xeomin for 6 hours (avoid wearing hats).
  • Avoid irritating products (retinols, vitamin C serum, abrasive exfoliants or scrubs) for 2-3 days following Botox/Dysport/Xeomin.
  • It may take up to 10-14 days for Botox/Dysport/Xeomin to take full effect.
  • A follow-up visit at 2 weeks is suggested to assess results for subsequent treatments, particularly if you are a first time client.
  • Re-treatment is typically needed between 3-4 months.
  • Regular injections usually yield a longer-lasting Botox/Dysport/Xeomin result.
  • If your upper lip was treated, allow for a transition period where you may have difficulty drinking through a straw or whistling for approximately 1-2 weeks.
  • Please do not schedule any facial services within 2 weeks of receiving this treatment.

Are there any side effects?

Although rare, infection in the injected area is possible. Signs of infection may include redness and tenderness in the infected area and a fever. Should you develop an infection, antibiotics may be necessary. Please contact us should you have any concerns.

How Long Do Neurotoxin Results Last?​

Our promise to you is natural-looking results with any of our treatments, including injectables! It may take 10-14 days for results to fully appear. Typically, the results from injectables last 3-4 months.

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