There’s no gym for your chin



No Gym for Your Chin

Our No Gym for Your Chin treatment includes three full sessions (spaced 4-6 weeks apart) of Kybella. Kybella typically requires multiple sessions, so we have packaged this to give you great savings + optimal results.

Kybella is an FDA-approved injectable that destroys fat beneath the chin and provides contours + an improved profile. Kybella is injected directly into the fat under the chin as well as any other stubborn areas of superficial fat. The treatment will destroy fat cells permanently, finally giving you the profile of your dreams.

Our combination packages at The Beauty Lab Medical Aesthetics approach aesthetic treatments from a global perspective, allowing you to receive treatments in multiple areas of the face, creating facial balance and harmony for natural results and rejuvenation. Combination treatments enable us to bundle up the price and save you money. You will receive more for less while optimizing your results!

Treatment includes:

  • 3 Full Sessions of Kybella 
    • (spaced 4-6 weeks apart)
  • New Patient Pricing on Botox/Dysport/Xeomin/Jeuveau

Starting at $3,600+ for Members

Starting at $3,700+ for Non-Members

How does Kybella work?

Kybella is FDA approved to reduce fat around the chin, and it also can be used in other areas as well! Our experienced practitioner will inject Kybella directly into the fat under the chin as well as any other stubborn areas of superficial fat. The treatment will destroy fat cells permanently, finally giving you the profile of your dream with very little downtime!

What should I expect with Kybella?

Multiple sessions are usually recommended. We recommend getting the treatment done at least 4 weeks before an event to allow swelling to subside. You may experience bruising and have a tingling sensation after the treatment.

How should I prepare for treatment?

  • You may not be treated if you are pregnant or nursing, have difficulty swallowing, nerve injury or weakness in the lower face, or an infection in the area. Inform your medical provider if you are on blood thinners, or have had procedures or surgery on your lower face or neck.
  • It is ideal to schedule this procedure 2 weeks prior to a big event due to post treatment swelling and the potential for bruising. Plan your procedure so that you can have a few days off before returning to work or important social engagements.
  • Avoid herbal supplements such as Ginkgo, green tea, garlic, turmeric, St. John’s wort, fish oil, flaxseed oil, and vitamin A and E for 1 week prior to treatment as they increase the risk of bruising and swelling at the injection site.
  • If permitted by your doctor, avoid anti-inflammatories (Aspirin, Ibuprofen, Motrin, Advil, Naproxen, Celebrex) of any kind for 1 week before treatment to limit bruising. If you are taking prescription blood thinners such as Coumadin or Plavix, you should check with your prescribing doctor before stopping any prescribed medications.
  • Avoid alcohol for 48 hours prior to treatment (alcohol is a blood thinner).
  • To avoid possible discomfort, you may take acetaminophen (i.e. Tylenol) one hour prior to your scheduled appointment.
  • Have Ibuprofen (Motrin, Advil) and Zyrtec (an antihistamine) available at home for discomfort and itching that may result from the procedure.
  • You may take Arnica tablets 2-3 days prior to treatment to help boost the healing process.
  • Avoid applying potentially irritating products onto the skin for 1 week before and after treatment (tretinoin/retin-a, glycolic acid, benzoyl peroxide, hydroquinone).

What is my post-treatment care plan?

  • After your treatment, you should expect swelling and redness. You may also experience bruising, pain, numbness, and induration. This will normally last less than 5 days, and for some patients may last up to 2 weeks. If the symptoms continue beyond 2 weeks or if other reactions occur, please contact the office.
  • You may elect to ice the area post-treatment but must do so very carefully. Use an ice pack with the fabric side against the skin, or wrap a soft plastic ice pack in a wet, thin towel. Apply the ice pack approximately 15 seconds on and 15 seconds off. Icing too vigorously can cause frostbite and scarring. You may apply a cold compress to the area for 20 minutes per hour, and you may do this hourly for up to 3 days.
  • Do not participate in strenuous activity or sun and heat exposure for the next 3 days following treatment.
  • Sleep on your back and with your head elevated on at least 2-3 pillows.
  • Do not scratch, pick, or traumatize the area in any way. Do not massage or manipulate the injection site.
  • You may apply Arnica gel to the treatment area to help decrease bruising and discomfort.
  • Take (over the counter) acetaminophen/Tylenol and/or pain reliever if needed to decrease post-treatment discomfort.
  • Have Zyrtec (an antihistamine) available at home for discomfort and itching that may result from the procedure.
  • Drink plenty of water and fluids after treatment.
  • Avoid cosmetic treatments, such as injectables, laser, ultrasound, peels, facials or microdermabrasion, to the Kybella treatment area.
  • Call the office if you have any difficulty swallowing, crusting or scabbing, asymmetry of your smile, or if any existing symptom worsens.

When will I see results?

You can expect results 4-6 weeks after your first injection, and you will see continual improvement with each treatment series.

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